कुछ सपने बाँधे हैं इन आँखो से,
जिन्हे पूरा होते देखना हैं |
वो सपने जो बनते हैं छोटे छोटे लम्हो से ,
जिनका ज़िकर ज़ुबान से करना हैं |

वो पूछते हैं इन सपनो में क्या रखा हैं ,
जो इतना सवार के रखता हूँ ,
वो आँख वाले अंधो को क्या पता
की मेरे से ये ख्वाब हैं और इनसे मैं हूँ |

अगर ज़िंदगी की बेड़िया तोड़ने की हिम्मत रखते ,
तो देख पाते ख्वाब मेरे क्या हैं ,
जो मेरी आँखों मे कुण्डी डाले
हमेशा से उनमे आज़ादी से जीते हैं |

याद है तुम्हे वो पल ?
जब तुमने खुल के जीया था
वो जब बिन सोचे क्या हो कल
तुमने ज़िंदगी मे उमँगो को झोका था ?

पर मैं तुम नहीं ,
मुझमें हिम्मत हैं ख्वाबो को बचाने का
जिनकी कीमत शायद बहुत हैं,
खुशी का इनाम मुझें मिलेगा ये ख्वाब पूरा करने का |

बहुत कम मिलती हैं ऐसी आँखे जनाब,
जो बाँधे रखती है सपने
और फिर भी सपने उड़ते है बे हिसाब
चलो मैं चला उन्हे उड़ते देखने
तुम उन्हे शायद नहीं देख पाओगे,
क्योंकि तुम्हारी तरह मैने
इनको किस्मत का बँधी नहीं बनाया हैं |



I lied under blanket, that
kept me warm, but
it wasn’t enough for my heart , that
is now cold and blue.

Now , I just want my old days back,
when all love songs felt useless
and every sad quotes to me were crap,
just want someone to clear this mess

And, you know that I still search for you
in the voids of my heart,
where my feelings are numb, but you
are gone and your love is now at dearth.

Now , see what have you caused,
made me to spill remorse through poetry
For once I hated to be sad
but now it seems sadness is my only ally.

Now I want to wander
into the closed spaces of loneliness,
and this solace makes me wonder
how can I make myself dauntless.

Maybe, me and you still have a bond,
but now ,in my mind it’s only desolation
for my heart was once vagabond,
and you were it’s impossible destination.

Stars have always interested me,
how they seem so close,
but they are just like you and me
far away from each other, so lost.

Now , see what have you caused,
made me to spill remorse through poetry.
For once I hated to be sad,
but now it seems sadness is my only ally.


Watching the world burn
from the highest mountain
with her wet eyes trickling down
all the anger she had
for this cruel world,
she pondered about the world she created,
about the creatures
she nurtured in this world,
how she loved all of them and wanted
everyone to love everyone.
But all her hopes she attached to this world
were in ashes just like the world was now.
She wondered why her creatures
hated each other,
especially the most superior of them all
the humans.
Yes, they were above all,
but not in love like she dreamed,
but in hate which she had never taught.
Sacrileges after sacrileges they committed
burnt lives one after other,
they were beyond any measures of bigotry
refusing rights to their own kind
manipulating their own species
and when their misanthrope reached the peak worst,
she decided the fate of her world
she being the God to these humans
turned her heart into stone,
changed her love into hate
but the pain remained same.
As she had to do what the best
for this planet was.
so she decided to punish her children
for horrendous blasphemies they committed,
destroyed her creation.
Not a single leaf of single tree remained unburnt,
and at the end
it was all null and void
just like her heart.


As I loitered around those empty lanes ,
As I was lost in those silent boulevards,
I felt someone ,
I felt strange.
It came tip-toedly
and so quitefully,
it grasped me from behind,
it blocked me from every direction.
I kept on trying to get away with it,
I kept on fighting to loosen its grip.
Then, something about it strike my mind
many things about it intrigued my heart,
I felt he was no stranger,
a feeling of familiarity gushed in through my mind,
while it was tightening its grip,
I was pondering over countless options of who could it be.
It somewhat resembled my soul,
dark and so peaceful
but with some hues of blue
it was just like me
it carried something, which I carry with me.
And while I thought, he grasped,
finally revealing itself to be night,
dark with the tinge of blue,
black imbued with sorrows
so peaceful , yet so plundering,
so quiet , thus so thoughtful.
Then, night wrapped itself completely over my soul,
until they become one,
and at that moment, it felt soothing,
I felt powerful.
It gifted me with myriad of vivid thoughts,
I knew thoughts were my power,
And then, everything changed,
except the darkness.


I had a fall,

didn’t have someone to call,

for the help i needed.

‘Cause I knew not single soul ever heeded.


I trusted the wrong,

but that was not for too long.

At last their masks fell off

and, I left those cheats, for their deception was off.


I am damaged

and my mind is utterly dazed

I locked my feelings forever,

for they are meant to be confined and shown never.


I am all blue,

and my heart doesn’t have a clue

that, why it is still hurtful

and what made nothingness so painful.


But here I am now,

bleeding rhymes somehow

through the lesions that still ache

I know , all this and their ravages will fade.


I had a fall,

didn’t have someone to call,

for the help i needed.

‘Cause I knew not a single soul ever heeded.


It was month of October,

when leaves of autumn adorned the roads

and in between those beautiful golden lanes,

my eyes stumbled upon her.

She sitting on the bench

as if contemplating about her life

looking all engrossed in thoughts of other world,

made a quick eye contact and looked away,

ignoring my existence

and my eyes

capturing every detail of her face,

tripping over tiny bumps of her cheeks,

giving rise to a conflict between heart and brain,

between urge to talk to her and move ahead,

but me being a man of logic ,

walked ahead having all her particulars in memory,

and also urge to move back,

and grasp her thoughts,

undress them with my love,

hold them with my trust,

handle them with my care,

and know her all secrets,

and to unveil the demons she was hiding from this world,

from which she seemed scared of

to tell her about how

her silky hair gorgeously embellished her face

and how her eyes have charmed my soul

and how I was captivated by her serene frown,

and how badly

I wanted her to smile

but I moved ahead keeping this

love at first sight in my memories.

And now whenever I come across those lanes,

I reminisce that day

wishing her to be seated in that same bench,

so that I can make my first move

and break this endless shrieks of my regrets.