Watching the world burn
from the highest mountain
with her wet eyes trickling down
all the anger she had
for this cruel world,
she pondered about the world she created,
about the creatures
she nurtured in this world,
how she loved all of them and wanted
everyone to love everyone.
But all her hopes she attached to this world
were in ashes just like the world was now.
She wondered why her creatures
hated each other,
especially the most superior of them all
the humans.
Yes, they were above all,
but not in love like she dreamed,
but in hate which she had never taught.
Sacrileges after sacrileges they committed
burnt lives one after other,
they were beyond any measures of bigotry
refusing rights to their own kind
manipulating their own species
and when their misanthrope reached the peak worst,
she decided the fate of her world
she being the God to these humans
turned her heart into stone,
changed her love into hate
but the pain remained same.
As she had to do what the best
for this planet was.
so she decided to punish her children
for horrendous blasphemies they committed,
destroyed her creation.
Not a single leaf of single tree remained unburnt,
and at the end
it was all null and void
just like her heart.



‘Go away, what are you looking at ? ‘
She was shivering with fear, she hadn’t seen him that red ever.
‘You insolent brat, I will show you and her what I am capable of, just wait and watch ‘.
And her tears trickling down her eyes slowly. She was used to watching her father physically abusing her mother and all that scurrility. Her beautiful sparkling eyes which held universe of joy and glee was losing its shine. Her small universe was slowly wrecking day by day by wrath of his father.
But that night, it was almost shattered, she tried to seize back the glimmer that her eyes once offered, she couldn’t afford to lose what she only had.
And that night, she had had enough of his father beating his mother, she had had enough of his mother tolerating those abuses, she had had enough of she just dreading him. Soon that shiver from fear turned to anger.
And like volcano explodes, her anger exploded, she so wanted to let that out and she did. Taking knife from kitchen, she charged at her father, all that sorrow , all that anguish flew out like the blood gushing out of her father’s body. And it was all red like every night, but today, it was her father’s blood instead of her mother’s.
She along with her mother, ran , ran through darkness that her father smeared in their lives and she felt the light, light reviving through his eyes annihilating the gloom which seemed to succumb their world.
Gradually, seconds after seconds, universe which her eyes held, her soul enveloped, was reconstructing. She felt that world lingering in her heart. And there was joy dispersing in her life , in their lives. And he just sat there helplessly and painfully watching them finally being free.

Finally, they climbed out of that pit of despair her father created. They were Free.