Scraped Out Finger And The ‘Neem’ !-Part-2

*This is continued story of part -1,which is just before this blog post of the same name*

I finally got my finger un-scraped, but I still, need to figure out aboout my lost memory. I was always bad at memorising things at school and college, and now here I was doing something which I was worst at- ‘memorising things’. I don’t believe in Indian Yogis and Babas or Tantriks, but some weeks ago, I didn’t believe that there was magic in my blood too, but now I do. So, I thought of trying them. I contacted one Tantrik –Markandas yogi, to find out the answers to my questions. I had a great laugh when I first heard his name, but later thought he may be my messiah.

As he was busy in some sort of meditation, I narrated him my whole story, he was quiet for a while, but then I asked again.
‘Mangeet Bazaar! There… search for your answer in there, at the right place, timings I can’t tell when .. best possible timing is morning’, He yelled.

I left his place, inquired people about Mangeet Bazaar and finally reached there. As it was early in the morning, there were very few people around. I was wandering aimlessly with no clue of where to find my answers, suddenly my hands were grabbed and then my whole body. They were those same guys who earlier attacked me, and they took me to a shady place, where I saw the same tantrik with a guy in a white suit, smoking cigar. Turns out that Tantrik was an ally of my ‘supposed to be’ enemies. He betrayed me, he tricked me to go to that Bazaar, so that these goons could capture me.

‘Who are you? Why have you brought me here? ‘, I said.

‘Kid! you have something that we don’t want you to have … ‘, that man said.

‘Bastard! we helped you, you betrayed us, don’t you remember!’, that Tantrik said.

‘I didn’t… I mean .. I don’t remember anything .. I can’t … please leave me ..please.. ‘, I begged.

‘You liar, you think you can outsmart us, we are in this Business for years, tell me don’t your wounds automatically heal with neem? …. Tell me ..What was your plan..Why you attacked us?…betrayed us?…!! ‘, that man shouted.

‘ Yes, it did, I wanted to find out how and why .. that was the reason I went to the Tantrik, I can’t remember anything .. I just can’t. ‘

‘Maybe he’s right, make him drink the other potion that we invented… his memory will come back, I wantvto know what he was upto…and this thing… loss of his memory, it could be a side effect of the potion we gave him earlier…. Idiot!! I told you to make that potion carefully. Now get to work ‘, that man said to Tantrik.

After some time, some men came, they must be working for the Tantrik and gave me a potion to drink. After drinking it, I lost my consciousness.
I woke up after a while, in that same shady place. But this time, my memory was back. I now know who they were.

…. To Be Continued.


Scraped Out Finger And The ‘Neem’ ! – Part 1

Why are you beating me?’ I screamed. But they didn’t stop. I was yelling with pain and anger, but in front of those built muscular men, I didn’t stand a chance, there was no way I could defeat them. Also, I didn’t know why they were beating me. ‘Please stop! I beg you, don’t beat me …don’t … I don’t want to die…please!! ‘, I cried. They were not going to stop anytime soon. The beatings continued for half an hour. I lost my consciousness and my shirt was full of blood, completely red. They left me stranded in that deserted place.

After some time the native people rescued me, I was in bed for a week at their place. They were angels in disguise. When I got my conscious back, I couldn’t remember shit. My memory was damaged, just like my body. The only thing I could possibly remember was how ruthlessly I was beaten. My memory was tampered, I didn’t know how, but it was. Maybe it was the attack, or maybe something I don’t remember. But strangely my finger had been scraped out with some kind of blunt knife, it wasn’t completely cut, it was just detached, but someone tried to scrape it out. It was hurting really bad. As I tried to fix my finger again, my head started to ache. ‘Find that chemical, fix your finger… find ‘Neem’…‘these words were echoing in my mind, it was a Deja Vu. Yes, my memory had been tampered, but from the condition of my finger I could figure out that it wasn’t cut during the attack. It was from the past and I had managed to fixed it with some chemicals, I don’t remember what chemicals. And this freaked me out, about how could I manage without a finger. What about my college? My job? What? How? As I was already weak, due to the anxiety I fainted. The natives helped me once again. After staying with them for 4 days, when I was fit to leave, to find out the ‘Neem’ and get back my memory, I went out to set this tough journey. 
Everything that I said now is running like flashbacks in mind in an infinite loop, I am trying to penetrate deeper into my memory, but I am not able to.

‘Ugggghhh… why is this happening to me?’

‘Mix Neem leaves’ juice with your blood and apply that to your scraped finger, then mask your finger with that neem leaves, your blood has magic, it will cure your finger’, an unknown face said that to me in my memory. 

I think, bit by bit my memory is coming back. To follow his instruction, I have to find the neem tree, which was difficult in that deserted place. I searched for days, but I couldn’t find one. I was having lunch near some village bazaar when I saw a guy selling neem leaves. 
‘Yes, that is it. I’m an idiot, I just need neem leaves, not the entire neem tree.. yes… I found it.. yes’ 
I bought the neem leaves and made juice out of it, and precisely followed that unknown person’s instructions echoing in my head, and it turned out to be true. 
‘What??? It worked! Does my blood really has some magic in it?’, I thought, ‘Nonetheless, my finger is back’.  

….To Be Continued