Passion is overrated

‘Follow your Passion ! ‘ , ‘Fight for your dreams ! ‘, you must have heard these lines from someone, maybe your friends, maybe your family or just a random guy who thinks he is good at inspirational talk. 

What if, you can’t decide your passion? What if, you don’t have any passion? What will you do then? Explore !! Yes, that is the answer, just explore. Keep exploring, until you find it, now here is the catch. Even if you don’t find it , you would have collected great number of experiences. And like any great guy ( me as well) would say , ‘ Experience matters !’ . Let me tell you a certain small analogy I drew out of this. 

Most of  great grand parents and grand parents forced their children to follow some conventional career, for instance- Engineering, Business, Medicine,etc. Well, maybe not in foreign countries, but in India they did. Their children didn’t think about their dreams, maybe they didn’t have one, maybe the careers their parents told them to follow were their dreams, but then new era came. In this era, there was no think like conventional jobs, a wind of  ‘following passion ‘ has taken hold of our mind and soul. Blame films and unrealistic success stories for this, but they did change our minds, our parents’ minds and change it for good. And I will raise that question again, what if you don’t know your passion? I don’t have any passion, hence obviously I thought about this ‘following passion’ thing, I seeked for answers from different people- my teachers , my parents , quora, etc. 

Finally one answer on quora intrigued me. It was by Dr. Richard Muller, he wrote, ‘Passion is  Overrated ‘. He said that it was not necessary to have passion, you just need to explore. Imagine this, you have a big long table with different kind of exquisite dishes. What will you have? Your favourite dish or everything you can try? I don’t know about you, but I will try everything. Those exquisite dishes are experiences and that long table is life.

I know the next wind that is blow our minds will be , ‘Passion is Overrated’ . In different era, the wind will change again. Change is necessary is this world, whether it for our mindset or our choices. 


Scraped Out Finger And The ‘Neem’ !-Part-2

*This is continued story of part -1,which is just before this blog post of the same name*

I finally got my finger un-scraped, but I still, need to figure out aboout my lost memory. I was always bad at memorising things at school and college, and now here I was doing something which I was worst at- ‘memorising things’. I don’t believe in Indian Yogis and Babas or Tantriks, but some weeks ago, I didn’t believe that there was magic in my blood too, but now I do. So, I thought of trying them. I contacted one Tantrik –Markandas yogi, to find out the answers to my questions. I had a great laugh when I first heard his name, but later thought he may be my messiah.

As he was busy in some sort of meditation, I narrated him my whole story, he was quiet for a while, but then I asked again.
‘Mangeet Bazaar! There… search for your answer in there, at the right place, timings I can’t tell when .. best possible timing is morning’, He yelled.

I left his place, inquired people about Mangeet Bazaar and finally reached there. As it was early in the morning, there were very few people around. I was wandering aimlessly with no clue of where to find my answers, suddenly my hands were grabbed and then my whole body. They were those same guys who earlier attacked me, and they took me to a shady place, where I saw the same tantrik with a guy in a white suit, smoking cigar. Turns out that Tantrik was an ally of my ‘supposed to be’ enemies. He betrayed me, he tricked me to go to that Bazaar, so that these goons could capture me.

‘Who are you? Why have you brought me here? ‘, I said.

‘Kid! you have something that we don’t want you to have … ‘, that man said.

‘Bastard! we helped you, you betrayed us, don’t you remember!’, that Tantrik said.

‘I didn’t… I mean .. I don’t remember anything .. I can’t … please leave me ..please.. ‘, I begged.

‘You liar, you think you can outsmart us, we are in this Business for years, tell me don’t your wounds automatically heal with neem? …. Tell me ..What was your plan..Why you attacked us?…betrayed us?…!! ‘, that man shouted.

‘ Yes, it did, I wanted to find out how and why .. that was the reason I went to the Tantrik, I can’t remember anything .. I just can’t. ‘

‘Maybe he’s right, make him drink the other potion that we invented… his memory will come back, I wantvto know what he was upto…and this thing… loss of his memory, it could be a side effect of the potion we gave him earlier…. Idiot!! I told you to make that potion carefully. Now get to work ‘, that man said to Tantrik.

After some time, some men came, they must be working for the Tantrik and gave me a potion to drink. After drinking it, I lost my consciousness.
I woke up after a while, in that same shady place. But this time, my memory was back. I now know who they were.

…. To Be Continued.


‘Go away, what are you looking at ? ‘
She was shivering with fear, she hadn’t seen him that red ever.
‘You insolent brat, I will show you and her what I am capable of, just wait and watch ‘.
And her tears trickling down her eyes slowly. She was used to watching her father physically abusing her mother and all that scurrility. Her beautiful sparkling eyes which held universe of joy and glee was losing its shine. Her small universe was slowly wrecking day by day by wrath of his father.
But that night, it was almost shattered, she tried to seize back the glimmer that her eyes once offered, she couldn’t afford to lose what she only had.
And that night, she had had enough of his father beating his mother, she had had enough of his mother tolerating those abuses, she had had enough of she just dreading him. Soon that shiver from fear turned to anger.
And like volcano explodes, her anger exploded, she so wanted to let that out and she did. Taking knife from kitchen, she charged at her father, all that sorrow , all that anguish flew out like the blood gushing out of her father’s body. And it was all red like every night, but today, it was her father’s blood instead of her mother’s.
She along with her mother, ran , ran through darkness that her father smeared in their lives and she felt the light, light reviving through his eyes annihilating the gloom which seemed to succumb their world.
Gradually, seconds after seconds, universe which her eyes held, her soul enveloped, was reconstructing. She felt that world lingering in her heart. And there was joy dispersing in her life , in their lives. And he just sat there helplessly and painfully watching them finally being free.

Finally, they climbed out of that pit of despair her father created. They were Free.