It is hard to be pretentious in this world. Understanding people is hard and it makes life harder, so I mask my soul and show them what fits their ideals. But, they are so eager to find holes in that mask , to tear off that mask and reveal the true me and to watch my falls. All they want is to feel inferior to someone and feel good. What kind of joy it is? They seek pleasure through other’s weaknesses. Why? They make hard to conceal my demons. But as soon as I cross the line of their idealism, I see my demons imbuing my soul with colors of dreams and hopes and inspire me to continue this staircase to heaven which goes through hell. And the best part is, like orchids, my demons are several in number, yet each one is unique and so unreal, dispersing the a mystique aroma to different parts of my soul, each encouraging me not to give in to these people.

These people force you to wear that mask, and once you wear them they will criticize you for wearing it, they will become all cynical and condemn you for nurturing your demons, as I said, understanding people is hard and it makes life harder.

I have seen many people cursing those demons, hating their demons, avoiding their demons , but what one need to do is to embrace them, love them, nurture them or control them. Once, I used to avoid them to , ignore their complete existence. You can’t deny their existence, they will always lurk within your soul and if you won’t control them, they will haunt you for your life. Whatever the case may be, I am no one to advise you, but I am telling my life experience, so maybe it counts. Stop forcing people to wear any mask, and if they wear one stop trying pull that off. People don’t follow your ideals, it is alright to be different. You can’t judge their morals , their ethics are not yours to be criticized. And guess what, if their ethics doesn’t match your ideals, that doesn’t make them any bad. You are trying to shake their ethics and you expect you won’t get any repercussions.

For the world, these demons may signify my vulnerability, but they are source of my power. I nurtured them right.


To my Pillow!

My dearest pillow,

Thank you for being there with me when no one else was. You are the sole witness of every emotion I have been through, every heartbreak I have dealt and every love story I weaved. I know, you would be bored of me, but you dare not leave me alone, because you know how I need you at the night when my demons stain my soul into hues of dark and how desperately I need you to be there until they are gone. Thank you for carrying the touch of love when I miss my mom and dad and I hug you. Thank you for every sadness you soaked with my tears and made me realize, how strong I am even though I am alone. Remember that day, when I told you about that girl, the girl I like and how I like to spend my time with her , well, thank you for keeping my best secrets. I am glad that you don’t bias on the basis of gender, all those facebook posts of girls crying and hugging their pillow made me wonder why should only girls have right over you, why not boys like us , though I won’t confess it to the world that I like to hug you whenever I am sad or happy , you make me feel good whenever I miss someone dearly , I apologize for that, I guess you will understand, you did, every time. I dedicate this heartfelt letter to you and your unreturnable favors. Thank you very much and always stay with me.

With love,
The boy who hugs you every night.