Mesmerizing Mysore

Since the day I started forming thoughts and imaginations, I have always wanted to be a traveler. But being born into Indian Middle-class family, it becomes tough to travel to different exotic places. Reasons being time and money. As every engineering student, I was bored of mundane syllabus and in the upcoming vacation, I wanted to travel, if not with friends or family, then alone. After every planned canceled due to some unavaoidable circumstances, such as internships, my urge to go somewhere increased exponentially. A big thank you to my brother, I got an opportunity to travel Mysore. His counseling was in Bangalore, so whole family planned to travel Mysore (to make me happy, I guess). 

So, it was basically 1 day plan to see all the major places in Mysore and come back to attend his counseling in Bangalore. It was a sudden plan, dad booked a cab from bangalore at 1400 hours, that would take us to Mysore and we would return the bext day in evening or night. 

So our journey began on 26th June, 2017 at 1400 hours. Crossing beautiful highways and small towns adorned by the hills and lakes, we were on our way. Our eyes were constantly rejuvenated by the beautiful sceneries. Cab-driver said that we would cover 1st place of Mysore that day only, and that was Brindavan Gardens. A large mesmerizing garden beside a dam on Cauvery River.  Garden had many fountains and everyday at 1900 hours, there was a musical fountaim show. At first, we did some sight seeing and enjoyed the cool breeze, then we enjoyed boating on a small pond reaching to place where they would show Musical Fountain show. It started at 1900 hours. It looked like light and water were dancing on the song they played, like someone made water alive. The show lasted for a few minutes. It was 7.30 when we were returning from the garden. From the disance, all the lights of all fountains and street-lights looked so much wonderful. And the dusk-sky added to its beauty. 

Then we went to our Hotel to have some rest and all excited to explore major places of Mysore next day. 

Next morning, we first drove to Chamundi Hills, and to visit temple of Chamundeshwari devi to quench the thirst of our devoutness ( at least of my mother). It was drizzling that morning and it made our drive to top of the hill more attractive. We reached the temple at 3300 ft. driving all the swirly roads and witnessing gorgeous Mysore from above. First we worshipped Goddess Chamundeshwari, architechture of temple was great, it had many carvings of different forms of God and Goddess over it and system for the queue to inside of temple was very disciplined. It was because of people and Temple officials. 

After worshipping, we stayed there for some minutes to appreciate Mysore from above. Houses looked so small, and sky so much marvelous. The scene from there raised my wanderlust up. I wanted to travel more and to more diverse places to satisfy that lust. Cool breeze hit my body and small drops of rain my face making me feel like I was one with the wind and nature.

From there we went downhill enjoying the drizzle and view. Our next stop was Sand Museum. It was near to Chamundi Hills only. We went in to see different Sand Sculptures from one like Goddess Chamundeshwari to one like Save Wildlife. Different Sculptures told different stories, they were so big and detailed as if they were alive. Once you look at all of them, you can’t go without appreciating the artist. Apart from Sculptures there were small shops where one can buy mementos of Mysore. Those sculptures were taken care of by people so effectively. From what I saw, those sand art need to be cleaned everyday. Kudos to people doing that everyday so that tourists like us can enjoy them.

From above pic, you can analyze how detailed they were. 

Next was Mysore zoo. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological garden got to be one of the popular attractions of Mysore. This 157 acre zoo had varieties of animals and Birds. Zoo started with different birds. There were peacocks, peahens, Hornbill, Macaus and many more birds. Then came big animals and apes.  It took us almost two hours to cover the whole zoo. It was tiring, yet amazing to watch different animals at one place. I felt it was just like a common zoo just slightly bigger and more well- kept one.

After this tiring stop, we were going to witness the famous Mysore Palace. As we were tired, we hired a buggy to drive us around the palace’s premises. Driver told us about how much money was spent to construct the palace. Near about 40 lakhs rupees during Krishnarajendra Wadiyar IV reign was spent to design whole of palace. He also informed us about the number of camels, elephants and horses the present owner has and how palace’s design symbolised different religions of India. Palace also had a Bhubaneswar God temple. 

Wadiyars were still living behind palace. This palace was huge and had many gates where two gates were named after their two pet-elephants, and these gates play big part during Dussehra celebration in the city. After driving through premises, we went inside the palace. Palace was immacutley designed. It had different rooms whose walls were decorated with different paintings, many painted my famous Raja Ravi Varma. I wanted to capture that mesmerizing architecture, but photography was prohibited, so I captured it with my heart. 

I couldn’t stop myself from appreciating the architect for designing such beauteous palace. Celings were decorated by wonderful lamps, pillars of palace were excellently carved, and carvings of doors to different rooms told us stories of the era when it was constructed. In middle of palace, there was a empty place whose entrance was decorated by sculptures of two panthers. I couldn’t figure out what that space was for. Thinking of this in mind, I came out of palace where once again my heart was struck with marvelous palace’s outside appearance. That palace is going to stay in my heart for eternity. John Keats truly said, ‘ Thing of beauty is joy forever’. This palace made me feel what he was saying through his poem. 

My legs were tired, but my mind was more relaxed than ever. We were famished too, so we decided to have our lunch. After filling our stomachs with delicious food, my Dad said what I had feared the most during journey. He said,’ Let us skip the next, that is our last stop, St. Joshep Church and go back.’  So, we skipped our last attraction and decided to return to Bangalore. I saw the church from outside, from distance it also looked like example of one fine architecture. I made my heart understand the situation and decided to travel back. We went again through those beautiful highways and views to reach Bangalore.

I will always reminisce this one day journey to Mysore. Traveling mysore ignited my inner wanderlust. Now, I want to travel to more places which carry such great history with it. Thank you Mysore for giving me unforgettable memories and experience.