The Prologue 

I started writing poems, stories and other stuffs when I was about to complete my 12th grade. I started with writing comedy ( which now I see wasn’t actually comedy) , I would twist the things of reality like my teachers and friends and include them in my stories in different light , with totally different unrealistic situations and that was fun. And then I shifted to poetry, my first poem was about suicide, like every Indian parents, my parents hoped me to make it to IITs and I didn’t, so out of dejection I wrote that poem, and then I touched various topics like hope, new day , love etc. and converted into poems. Presently, I am pursuing engineering , in 2nd year and I made this blog to show what I feel about different stuffs in form of simple poems or just simple text, my every poem has a story behind it , some are lame though. But I hope whoever reads this enjoy this.

Welcome to discrete pages of my life.



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